Dear Rosary.Today user,

Thank you for visiting this page. I would like to explain why the Rosary.Today application shows ads. I’ll make it as short as possible:

  • time – After regular work, we spend our free time maintaining the Rosary.Today application and developing new features. Until now, it has cost hundreds of hours and still counts.
  • money – website hosting, annual Apple App Store membership, etc. It all cost.

Ad serving allows us to generate a small income to cover our recurring expenses, but also a small profit so we can continue to develop Rosary.Today and make it even better. For all of us.

Ads are provided by third party vendors. We pay special attention to blocking wrong ad categories, but finally it’s the third party vendor that decides what is displayed.

Thank you for your understanding. Hope you love the Rosary.Today and use it whenever you need to pray and don’t have a real rosary with you.

Best Regards,

Rosary.Today team

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